Brisbane Tour


Day 1: Southbank

Brunch at GROWN in west end. Fully vegan, all food sourced from 400km of diner. Gorgeous outdoor dining.

Stroll to Southbank - see the famous concrete beach (approx 1 hour).

Take the free city cat (ferry) service for the entire loop, getting to see the entire city that is built around the river.

Disembark at Queen St and check out the city centre before getting a snack at Vegerama.

Cooking class - get the skills to make own dinner. Stop by fresh produce market - Make dinner together at appartments. Eat on the deck with mosquito coils - Aussie style.

Day 2: DeathRow Unchained

Açai bowls for breakfast then out to DeathRow Unchained rescue for a days helping on the farm & learning about animal rescue in Aus, as well as native wildlife. See rescued bobby calves, ex race horses, massive pigs, baby pigs, heaps of boats, ex battery hens and lots of dogs!

Packed lunch with goodies from cruelty free shop.

Dinner and drinks at Netherworld - cool pub with old fashioned arcade and INCREDIBLE vegan pub menu.

Day 3: Stradbroke Island

Early start. little Clive’s for breakfast.

Head north via the green edge for snacks.

By 10.30 board ferry to Stradbroke island

2 hour indigenous tour of Stradbroke learning about ancient culture, wildlife and sustainability.

Packed lunch on beach. Swim, snorkel, explore.

Back in city by 4.30pm (its 1.5 hours from the island) for a hike up mount Coo-Tha. Watch the sun set over the city with a vegan platter and drinks. 🏨 Accommodation

Aurora serviced apartments. Gorgeous view of storey bridge, big deck for dining, full kitchen 👉 Optional extras

art galleries and museums, kayaking the river, cat yoga, botanical gardens, bike the city, vegan spa day.