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Concerned about animals? Want to make the world a fairer place? Looking for ways to lessen your environmental footprint? Want to improve your health? Whatever brings you here, we have resources to help you on your journey.

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Hi I'm Chelsey, Creator and Editor of Like A Vegan – your ultimate vegan blog!

I originally kicked off Like A Vegan as a place to store my original recipes and share them with my friends. As more and more peeps started getting amongst it, I decided to make Like A Vegan the ultimate vegan destination for not only food but beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel too.

Based in Newcastle, Australia (AKA the best city in the world), don’t @ me), I spend my days working in projects for an Australian charity and in my spare time you’ll find me hanging with my tiny terrier Brett, watching stand up comedy or travelling when I have a little extra cash to make it happen.

Whether you’re a vegan, curious meat-eater or somewhere in between, Like A Vegan exists to make veganism light, accessible and fun.

a vegan publication born and bred in Australia, covering vegan news and views from Australia.

To provide opportunities for vegan parents to meet each other, develop friendships, and share experiences and knowledge. The association holds regular get-togethers where our members can meet other like-minded parents. To provide opportunities for vegan children to meet each other and develop friendships

✨ Helping people switch to vegan for over a decade!


​Love Is The Answer is a Social Enterprise that firstly allows us to do as much good in this world as possible through our operational arm Klek Services, by helping other Social Enterprises, Charities and organisations that are helping OTHERS.

​Secondly, we are focused on improving the world being left for the next generation. Our Aim is to create:

1. helping THOSE who help OTHERS - klek services - The operational arm of Love Is The Answer. We help other Social Enterprises, Charities and organisations that are helping OTHERS - with their procurement, operations, efficiency, performance, sales and marketing.

​2. Love Is The Answer Disaster Relief Fund - we plan to change the way that people and families are treated during the immediate days following natural disasters and the financial help they receive which we believe is insufficient.

​3. Animal and People Healing Sanctuary - A place of healing where trauma affected animals and people can come together on their journey. The sanctuary will also involve the local Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Community in special ways to improve outcomes for all in the Community.

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